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Highland Biosciences
A miniaturised sensing platform unique to HBL instrument delivers fast and accurate viscosity results.
Highland Biosciences

What do we do?

HBL is a boutique product development consultancy, who specialise in new and enabling technologies.  The technologies that are needed to create game-changing laboratory instrumentation, point of need diagnostics, and biosensors.   Our experience has come from our own development over many years of work for companies like Sharp, Pall, Abbott, Ford, Dowty Aerospace, GlaxoSmithKline, J&J.


Our difference. 

What makes HBL different is that we can efficiently produce practical working demonstration devices in-house, and even provide scale-up services to customers looking to run their own trials and need volumes of devices.


Fresh solutions on-tap

Our service means that your project will gain the attention that is deserves: we always go the extra mile.  Your contract work will be treated as a bespoke project and genuine new/novel will be created. 

Most of all, you will receive much more than glossy industrial design and reports; we supply solid, working devices in your hands.


All of our work is documented to the standard compliant with our ISO13485/ISO9001 quality system.


Instrumentation development services

Design  - from early stage models to near production
Microfluidic device design and fabrication
Mechanical design and 3D modelling
Surface modification: biocompatibility, hydrophobicity and antibody immobilisation
Blood sampling expertise
Electronic prototyping and PCB development
3D prototyping farm (micro CNC machining, SLA production, FFF production)
Cleanroom prototyping
Reagent formulation and lyophilisation (preservation by freeze drying)
Software prototyping and testing

Highland Biosciences, Ness House, Greenleonachs, Dingwall, Scotland UK IV7 8JD

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