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Imperial College Partnership

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In the medical world forming medicinal partnerships is vital to company success and market penetration. Without these partners, commercialisation of medical devices would be very difficult to achieve, as they provide processes such as clinical trials and a bases for research and development. Although Highland Biosciences is located in the remote Black Isle, their partners are spread throughout the country. This blog will focus on Highland Biosciences connection with Imperial College London and how this partnership has formed a successful network of collaborations.

Why Imperial College London?
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust was a standout organisation that Highland Biosciences wanted to work with, and since partnering in 2016 the collaboration has been hugely successful. Collaboration with Imperial College London means that the company can benefit from up to date academics knowledge and discoveries. Additionally, the healthcare section allows the organisation to test concepts through real life applications. These two elements of the organisation link together to form a base of knowledge and provides testing units, which together allows product development to be continuous.

Additionally, Imperial College London have links and practices throughout London and the UK providing a network of resources for Highland Biosciences. One of these is St Mary’s Hospital; one of the country’s most renowned hospitals, providing care to the birth of the Royal Children. St Mary’s Hospital connection with Imperial College London means that Highland Biosciences can utilise their facilities, depth of knowledge and academic research to develop their concepts in the incubator.

The UK Miltary also have key links with Imperial College London. With haemorrhage being one of the leading causes of mortality in conflict, the UK Military are in need of something that will aid highlighting those who have coagulapathy they are in need of something to that will aid highlighting those who have coagulopathy rapidly, thereby enabling targeted correction of coagulopathy, and potentially reducing the number of deaths associated with haemorrhagic coagulopathy.  Thereby making the prospect of CoaguScan very exciting for the military. This partnership allows us to gainet in-depth military research through first hand utilisation by military and civilian trauma surgeons

The partnership with London Imperial College London is therefore pivotal for company success. As a company we invest most of our time into our incubator where the common goal is to create unique devices to solve medical problems and improve the lives of our nation. Imperial College London and their networks are continually striving to improve NHS services. Therefore, by having the innovation from HBL and the credibility from Imperial College London a very successful consortium is achieved.

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