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Saving our Paramedics

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There is a growing concern in the amount of ambulance assistants having to take time off due to stress and anxiety. Tens of thousands of working days were lost as a result last year, with over 10% of staff suffering from the stress of being a paramedic. With increased work load, long hours, and upsetting situations - being a paramedic is certainly not an easy job. Is it possible that we can make the lives of these individuals less stressful through, innovation?

 With the introduction of stricter response times, there is less opportunity for staff to talk about and deal with the effect the traumatic effect has had.

Here at Highland Biosciences, we want to save lives but we also want to make the jobs easier for medical staff such as paramedics. By implementing CoaguScan into ambulances we feel that it will help paramedics to quickly understand the coagulation of trauma patients so that they can be then treated effectively. Stabilising patients effectively should reduce the stress of paramedics as they will be confident on the treatment plan due to the results shown on CoaguScan.

As stress seems to be having a harrowing effect on our medical teams, costing the economy thousands in sick pay, can innovating new pre hospital concepts such as CoaguScan help reduce these levels?

We hope with continued innovation we can HELP paramedics in the future!
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